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Good Stuff International is a global company of experts that support people and organisations in sustainable water use, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity protection.

Researchand Development

GSI Technical Papers

Through carrying work for over a decade, we have build vast amount of experience especially in the field of sustainable water management. And because of our societal mission, we want to openly and freely share knowledge that we think is key to improve the sustainable use of water resources all around the world.

For this we are publishing GSI Technical Papers. The objective of these papers is to describe methodologies and approaches that we have developed and/or used in our work on sustainable water use. You can freely download the papers and use them for your own benefit.

The copyright of the GSI Technical Papers rests with its authors and GSI.  The papers are 'open source' , this means that hereby the copyright on any of the papers is waived. When you use the papers, we would greatly appreciate that you acknowledge GSI and the authors mentioned by  referencing to the paper, its authors and the GSI website.