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Farm natural capital

Protecting and restoring natural capital in farms is a low entry activity to drive ecosystem protection and restoration in landscapes and catchments. Action that you can think of are restoring tree cover, protecting riparian zones of streams and regenerative agriculture activities like increasing soil organic matter.

With Jorge Schmidt Farms and Nature's Pride we mapped ecosystem conservation and restoration activities in one of the avocado farms in Aconcagua catchment.

The finding: the farm has substantial well protected and managed natural capital. And, there are clear opportunities and willingness to increase natural capital. For example by connecting the protected lands in the farm with beyond-farm protected areas.

Is there a business case? Yes, we believe so. Protection and creation of natural capital is an effective strategy to manage the combined #water, carbon and ecosystem risks that are increasing as a result of the drought in Central Chile. We will explore the co-financing for this strategy further with the value chain partners and other interested parties.

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