Why use Blue Thumb Up?

  • To make your crop irrigation water use more efficient and increase productivity

  • To quickly assess the water requirements of your crop in the next coming days

  • To improve your understanding about the soil water balance

  • To understand irrigation requirements for various crops for crop pattern decision making

  • To support the implementation of on farm water stewardship actions

  • To support smaller producers in increasing water use efficiency

Can I use Blue Thumb Up myself?

Yes, Blue Thumb Up is freely available as web app. You can register and use Blue Thumb Up online at: https://www.bluethumbup.org. If you wish to see additional functionality developed or crops included, and/or contribute financially to Blue Thumb up please contact us here.

What is Blue Thumb Up?

 Blue Thumb Up is a simple and easy to use web app that helps you to project the soil water balance of your field in the next 4 days. It is specifically tailored at farmers that do not have access to software and sensors to help them assess crop water requirements. The information that BTU provides helps you understand the soil water balance and gives insight if you need to apply irrigation to your crop. The soil water balance is calculated on the basis of the geographic location of your field, a weather forecast, crop parameters and an estimation of the soil water content.

 Where is Blue Thumb Up used?

 Who supports Blue Thumb Up?

  • WWF DE has provided a small contribution to BTU of Euro 2.700. These funds are used to pay for hosting and maintenance of the code and database.
  • Good Stuff International BV provides continued support to keep the BTU website free and accessible