Companies are becoming more prone to water risks. These can be: excess or lack of water due to climate change, water quality issues, competition for water with vulnerable groups as well as increased water prices and new water regulations. Understanding water risks and dealing with these properly is crucial for the long term company operation.

The issue:

For many companies, water is a relatively new topic. As a result water is often not part of the business strategy (yet). But it should be. Over the last few years, well-established methodologies, tools and data to conduct company water risk assessments have become available. Knowing how to best use these tools and data and how to translate the findings into an action oriented water strategy for any specific company is the challenge now.

How we work:

We provide expert support so that companies get a good understanding of their specific water issues. We select the right tools, methodologies and data to provide companies with a detailed understanding of the water risks they face. And, we provide support to translate the water risk findings into an actionable company-specific water stewardship strategy based on a watershed approach. We are also collaborators and data providers to the WWF Water Risk Filter. In our water stewardship work we align with the standard of the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

Example projects: