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    Collaborate with us for catchment resilience

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  • Development and use of modern software tools and open access data for sustainable water management

    The use of open source software and programming languages in combination with open access data enables the efficient generation of information to help stakeholders to act for sustainable water management. Big data for water management has arrived...

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  • Water footprint: a key indicator to help public policy on water, agriculture and innovative catchment management.

    We executed the water footprint of all productive sectors in all river basins in Colombia to support water policy and water action. The work stimulates the development of water funds, Investments in water efficient and climate proof agriculture and water stewardship.

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  • We empower people and organisations to use their watersheds in a more sustainable way

    Our WATERDATA4ACTION approach engages stakeholders in sustainable watershed management on the basis of open access to fully understandable data and information.

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  • We help farmers use less water, be more productive and more sustainable!

    Using our cost efficent water footprint software and our deep knowledge and expertise in farming and water, we support farmers to use water better and at the same time increase farm productivity and be more water sustainable.

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Tools for sustainable water use

Recent articles

In the upstream of Ica catchment, we identified a complex of unprotected wetlands of about 3000 ha large using remote sensing.

Protection of high andean wetlands to improve sustainability of agriculture in Ica, Peru.

The Catchment Water Balance app supports catchment water stewardship

Catchment Water Balance App

GAWFC is a software tool that calculates green and blue water footprints of crops at multiple geographic locations

Geographic Agricultural Water Footprint Calculator - GAWFC

We supported AWS implementation at Iberesparragal citrus farm in Spain, first AWS gold certification in Europe

Water Stewardship in practice

Diego Arevalo (GSI-LAC) interviews Nelson Omar Vargas, head of the Hydrology section of IDEAM, who explains the benefits of the inclusion of the Water Footprint Assessment in the 2014 Colombian national water study (ENA), as well as its future perspectives.



The national Water Study (ENA) is a publication of the Institute of Hidrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) of Colombia, a governmental agency under the ministry of environment. This publication, issued every 4 years, explains the water situation of the country, and for the first time, the Water Footprint Assessment of its 316 watersheds of the country was included. GSI-LAC, jointly with the Centre of Science and Technology of Antioquía (CTA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) designed and implemented this work.

The outcomes of this addition really provided an added value to the information given by the study. It is showing, once again, that the water footprint, used in an integrative way, is a powerful tool to engage stakeholders and help in decision making for better water use.

In the following video, Diego Arevalo (GSI-LAC) interviews Nelson Omar Vargas, head of the Hydrology section of IDEAM, who explains the benefits of the inclusion of the Water Footprint Assessment in this study, as well as its future perspectives.


Link: https://youtu.be/9IJCNLw7ClM